Precautionary Measures Amidst Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) Outbreak

from WMSI Management (This is a developing story)

17 Mar 2020 (04:24 PM)

To: All Our Valued WMSI Principals

Here below are relevant updates related to the government efforts in flattening the curve of Covid19 pandemic effective until April 14 (but subject to changes):

Transportation and Flights

Public Transport was halted since midnight including light rails, taxi cabs, trains, ride-sharing, and even motorcycles. Manila International Airport will operate for 72h starting 00:01 of Tuesday (March 17) to enable visitors, foreigners and those who want to travel out of the country take their flights- and will eventually close down. This window of opportunity is also being used to deploy seafarers but with extreme caution due to the widespread Covid19 transmission in Metro Manila. Domestic flights will also be temporarily ceased.

Provincial and supposedly alternative international airports like Clark International and Cebu International are also on restricted operations as they intend to totally suspend flights and close the provincial borders in the coming days.

Private vehicles are allowed on the road ONLY for necessary transactions like buying of food or medicine without any passenger.

Curfew and Working from home

All citizens in Luzon and Metro Manila are required to stay home. Workforce is also advised to work from home. Mass gathering are strictly prohibited. We continue to attempt to get firm answers from the government on the exemption of labor export industry.

WMSI continues to monitor communications and implements Work-from-home arrangements at the moment. While we continue to hire and take advantage of provincial suppliers in Iloilo, Cebu, and Davao for continued seafarer preparation, we are facing restrictions to deploy due to impending airport closures. WMSI is manned normally.

Labor Courts NLRC and NCMB

NLRC already published that all hearings will be automatically reset the following month. We are yet to receive news from NCMB but likely they will follow suit and shut down their offices as part of National Government directive.

Crew changes and Seafarers due for sign-off

Due to the risk of contraction and the further spread of SARS-COV2, we suggest that for the time being, we will defer crew changes. Our vessels and respective crew members onboard are on tremendous risk of contracting the disease if crew changes push through while the infection is widespread. Wallem is ready to speak with the seafarers onboard who would need to be explained on the current situation in Manila and globally.


Processing of seafarer allotments and bank transactions are currently possible as selected bank branches are operating albeit in a shortened period.

Regular updates to follow.