Precautionary Measures Amidst Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) Outbreak

from WMSI Management (This is a developing story)

16 Mar 2020 (11:09 PM)

To: All Valued Business Partners of WMSI

This evening, the National Government issued an enhanced community quarantine guidelines expanding the quarantine area from Metro Manila to the whole of Luzon island. Residents will be asked to strictly stay at home during the period. While most content has been clear, there were grey areas on the part of the manning industry. It is unclear to us if manning offices, which technically exports labor, are exempted to operate during the quarantine period. The Joint Manning Group (JMG) has sent an inquiry to POEA and to the Department of Labor and Employment and we hope for answers tomorrow. In an absolute understanding- only access to basic necessities like food and medicines is allowed, and export-oriented industry (the closest category we can consider our selves). I have attached the related issuance.

Clarification and update tomorrow.

Changes in Singapore

Singapore requires arrivals from ASEAN countries including the Philippines and from 3 others (Japan, Switzerland and Great Britain) to do self-isolation. The new requirement applies to other nationalities who have visited the mentioned countries 14 days prior to arrival in Singapore. This policy will make it impossible for seafarers to join the vessel through the city-state. We are looking for alternative crew change ports in an already expanding global port restrictions due to Covid19.