Precautionary Measures Amidst Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) Outbreak

from WMSI Management (This is a developing story)

14 Mar 2020 (04:24 PM)

TO: All valued Business Partners of WMSI

Update on Covid19 Measures in Manila

Today, the government made clarifications on placing Metropolitan Manila under community quarantine. We are very pleased that the following points were made clear:

Metro Manila is under community quarantine from March 15, 2020 to April 14, 2020. This limits the unnecessary movement and travel of people. Military and police personnel, including the Philippine Coast Guard will be deployed to ensure implementation. Curfew will be in place during the period from 2000h to 0500h to limit non-essential movements. Only workers involved in essential services will be allowed. Mass gathering like concerts, movie theaters, and other non-essential assemblies are prohibited.

Important information on the movement of seafarers - land, domestic air and domestic sea travel to and from Manila are not prohibited but restricted. Workers traveling to and from Manila are allowed. Seafarers from provinces are allowed to traverse Metro Manila in order to board their international flights and itineraries. Seafarers living in Metro Manila can fly out through Manila airport without restrictions. Offsigners living in Manila will have no restrictions. Offsigners living in provinces may be allowed to stay for 12 hours to attend to formalities in WMSI prior heading to their homes.

During this period, WMSI will use all available resources to ensure the continued delivery of services. We are at ease knowing the implementation of the metro-wide community quarantine does not restrict the movement of our seafarers enabling usual crew changes. WMSI will continue to work with its suppliers and provide full services to its business partners.