What Does It Mean To Receive A Presidential Award of Excellence?

The Presidential Award of Excellence is the highest honor bestowed upon a licensed overseas recruitment agency in a three-tiered reward system for private recruitment agencies that exemplify the highest standards of ethical recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers for overseas employment.

This reward system was initiated pursuant to Proclamation No. 1519, series of 2008.

The three-tiered system means an agency, after satisfying the strict program criteria based on assessment conducted by the representatives of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), can be bestowed with a Top Performer Award. After achieving the Top Performer Award for three times, an agency then qualifies for assessment as a candidate for the Award of Excellence. After achieving the Award of Excellence for at least five times, an agency then qualifies for assessment as a candidate for the highest honour, the Presidential Award of Excellence.

Recruitment agencies are evaluated on a four-year cycle on the basis of the following criteria:

  • volume and quality of deployment;

  • agency management and recruitment capability;

  • compliance with recruitment rules and regulations;

  • industry leadership and pioneering achievements and contribution to developing overseas employment policies; and

  • social awareness and responsibility.


Ethical recruitment means recruitment emphasizing the rights of persons as human beings and as workers, thereby shielding them from abuse, exploitation and discrimination. It likewise fosters cooperation between and among stakeholders in overseas employment, which, in turn, promotes transparency, good faith, and accountability. ~Hans Leo Cacdac, POEA Administrator

The overall objective of the assessment is to ensure that candidates implement ethical recruitment, that is, to conduct recruitment business and activities within the prevailing legal framework and processes.

Aside from the recognition, awardees also entitle themselves to privileges that are not available to other agencies, such as extension of license validity and exemption from authentication / verification by the Philippine Embassy / Philippine Overseas Labor Office.