Our Seafarers

"Letter writing or whatever we call it in which we try to share our ideas, passion, experience and acknowledgement is really not my forte. Seagoing men and women are technical inclined personae and we usually tend to buckel when dealing with literature and other forms of social communique.

However, with the guidance and holistic training and education bestowed by Wallem Maritime Services, Inc., seaman as they usually call us was brought to a higher level of seafaring career. I myself was fortunate enough to be under such responsible crewing designed by Wallem Maritime and those remarkable persons behind it.

It is an honor working under Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. and hope to further home my expertise with this great establishment til my retirement."

Capt. Lecaros, TLJ

"My journey started way back 2012 after passing the entrance examination, I served as a training cadet in the office for fifteen months. Thereafter, I joined my first ship year 2013 on a container vessel. During onboard, I encountered bunch of challenges because I entered a male dominated environment. Sometimes they asked me why did I choose this kind of profession. Some even advised me to look for jobs ashore, It's because they have a common belief that women have no business onboard-ship especially on cargo vessels.

I strengthened myself and worked meticulously to prove myself and eventually won their trust. And after 12 months onboard, I completed my cadetship and took a licensure examination for OIC in which all expenses was shouldered by Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. They sent me as Senior Cadet to another container vessel and during my early months onboard, I got my promotion as full fledged Third Officer. During the Third Officer position for two contracts, I was eager to learn the Second Officer's jobs/responsibilities and finally got a next higher rank as a full fledged Second Officer. I just took the Chief Officer Licensure Examination and currently engaged myself in fully developing my skills to become a Chief Officer onboard ship in the future.

My message to all women seafarers. Don't ever give up be strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Always remember that safety is of utmost priority and should never be compromised.

Special thanks to Wallem Maritime Services Inc. (WMSI) for giving us the opportunity and for supporting us in fulfilling our dreams and career through skills development and training programs that promote Competence, Professionalism, Safety Consciousness in the Maritime Industry.

More Power and God bless!"

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