WMSI Advisory: Lenten Holidays

WMSI Advisory, Updates

Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. joins all our brothers and sisters in faith in the celebration of the Christian and Catholic Holy Week.

The religious holiday is as scheduled:

April 13 – Maundy Thursday
April 14 – Good Friday
April 15 – Black Saturday
April 16 – Easter Sunday

How do we ensure seamless operations?
We highly suggest the following steps to ensure that dispatches and crew changes before the holiday are done:

Confirm all crew changes by Monday (April 10, PH time);
Flights should all be issued by Tuesday, (April 11, PH time);
Dispatches will be done latest Wednesday, (April 12, PH time).
Normal office work resumes Monday, April 17.

During the holidays, seafarers and employees will not be reporting to our office and all communications will be monitored on mobile phones. Some employees and seafarers may participate in religious activities thus should you have emergencies, please refer to our directory.