Wallem Receives Recognition from FAME

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FAME @ 40 Group Photo in EventThe Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment Inc. (FAME) is the first and largest organization of manning and shipping companies in the Philippines with 120 regular members and seven (7) associate members. FAME is considered a success story as a public/private partnership between the manning companies and concerned government agencies in jointly developing what is now a major industry contributing billions of dollars to the Philippine economy and deploying almost 30% of the world’s seafaring requirement. This has earned the Philippines the distinction of being the seafaring capital of the world.

Wallem Shipmanagement HK (WSM) and Wallem Maritime Services, Inc. (WMSI) were honoured recipients of the Award of Recognition for their pioneer contributions to the industry, and for their continuing support in its role now as the seafaring capital of the world.

As a fitting culminating event in the celebration of FAME’s four (4) decades of excellence in the maritime manning business, FAME held an Appreciation and Recognition Night on Thursday March 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the Pandango-Polkabal Ballroom of the Manila Hotel.

WSM Reps in Wallem PhilsThe event was a way of giving recognition to those who have given loyal, exemplary and extraordinary contribution to FAME and the Industry’s success during the past 40 years. Recognition awards were given to Industry Partners, Foreign Principals and the Association’s present and past leaders for their vital role in the development of the Industry. 

The Management of WMSI and WSM wholeheartedly dedicate this recognition of more than 40 years’ worth of loyal support and active affiliation in the industry to its seafarers and employees who have dedicated their life and career to the growth of the Philippines’ seafaring and maritime sector. 

Featured Photo: WMSI and WSM Representatives (L-R) WMSI Head of Crewing Mr. Erik Pedrosa, WSM Fleet Personnel Director Mr. Fared Khan, WMSI President Ms. Cristina Oben-Nazareno, and WMSI Chairman Mr. Reginaldo A. Oben.