TCM Conducts Fleet Officer Conference for 2014

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Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM) SA will hold its annual fleet officers conference in the Grand Ballroom of the Diamond Hotel Philippines on 22 and 23 July. Organized by Wallem Maritime Services, Inc., keynote speakers and senior management representatives from Athens and Manila will address the senior and junior Filipino global maritime professionals on the importance of keeping trust, tradition, and teamwork to business longevity and success. During the past years, TCM SA had been investing in time, resources, and in making its efforts public to support the growth of its fleet and with it, the career of its Filipino seafarers. Capt. Panagiotis N. Tsakos, the founder of Tsakos Group and a kalos kapetanios himself, stresses the vital role of seafarers in the expansion and development of the Group in shipping, energy-related and other commercial activities in saying that the “successful application of modern technology, in all its forms, will depend on human skills and integrity” and that the same “must be employed for the general benefit of the environment and humanity throughout the world.” Alongside the keynote addresses, delegates to the two-day conference will be holding workshops and open fora to impart fundamental updates to company policies and practices, while at the same time, gather vital information from the fleet on actual situations and concerns onboard. The host and organizers of the TCM Fleet Officers Conference (TFOC) 2014 will be holding special dinners to commemorate the beginning and culmination of this gathering, first on the 21st of July at the Vikings Restaurant, Mall of Asia, and another one on the 23rd of July at Diamond Hotel Philippines. All senior and junior officers of TCM are invited, so please coordinate your registration at the following contact details:

+63 917 527 3186
+63 920 906 9385
+63 918 804 0748