Documentation and Processing

Our robust crew management system, combined with the skills and expertise of our well-trained team members, allow us to process and manage the challenging documentation requirements of the maritime industry. 

Throughout the crewing process, from the moment the seafarer submits his application form and other qualification papers up to the time he is being lined up again to his next vessel assignment, cross-check and verification steps are conducted at fixed intervals to ensure that documents are:

  • authentic, that is, bearing the security features of the issuing authorities and is free of any marks of tampering or damage
  • valid and has enough allowance prior expiration (for example, passports must be at least 6 months valid prior end of contract)
  • updated, meaning, it is the latest renewed copy or version and is verified against other sources (such as certificates of competency verified against online records of the government agency concerned)
  • and lastly, complete, meaning all the required documents, certificates and clearances needed in relation to onboard assignment are physically checked.

Our documentation processes consider not only the national and international regulations but also the changing requirements of our principals. 

When information is needed either for crew planning or for ship operations, the records of our crew are likewise available through a web-based crew management system, allowing efficient coordination between our crew managers and the fleet personnel department of our principals.

Likewise, through cloud technology, copies of relevant documentation are available online 24/7 for viewing, printing, or forwarding to the vessel for compliance or inspection purposes.