First Batch of Joiners for Al Kout (KOTC)

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Congratulations to the first batch of joiners for Al Kout, KOTC’s final vessel for its Phase III Fleet New Building Program. 

Al Kout, its sister vessel Mutriba, and the rest of the vessels in this program are designed and conducted to meet the latest in maritime regulations and industry trends.

These tankers were constructed in full compliance with the international and industrial environmental requirements for the carriage of hydrocarbons by sea, adopting the greatest possible spectrum for controlling the discharge and treatment of ballast water, carbon dioxide emission, volatile compounds, sulphur and nitrogen oxides, and more. They are likewise designed to optimise fuel consumption through the enhanced design of the propulsion system. In order to deter piracy attacks, they are also equipped with Long Range Acoustic Devices, high-pressure water jets, razor wire fencing, CCTV with night vision, secure accommodations and Citadels. All Phase III vessels are already equipped with ballast water treatment systems that apply ultraviolet and filtration technologies, in anticipation of BWTS convention requirements that although not yet ratified, are expected to be in force towards 2016.

We are proud to be crewing such technologically and environmentally forward vessels. Again, congratulations to the first batch of joiners and may you live up to the service quality expectations of WMSI and KOTC.

Featured image: WMSI Fleet A Personnel and Head of Crewing Services Mr. Erik Pedrosa (center, seated) conduct final briefing as part of dispatch, before the team flies to Ulsan, Korea to board Al Kout.